SEO Questions – Why do I see different Google results than my clients

Being in this industry provided that I have, I often forget some of fundamentals. Well, it’s not that I forget, it is merely that I assume that everyone else in the industry has the same knowledge level as I do.So when I get a “newbie” asking a question like “Why are my Google results different than my clients” I have totake a step back and realize that we aren’t all equal.Therefore in this information will I’m going to answer this one seemingly simple question. While it can be simple tothose of us “in the know” it’s not always the case with other places.One

of the scariest activities to do as a new SEO is talk to litigant. That’s because you are always worriedthat they are going to ask you a question that’s over your thoughts. And while you can fake your way through somequestions when you are new, there are some that just stump your organization.Of course even the greenest of most SEO’s usually know more then clientele so you don’t face to fakean answer. As expected I would never advocate faking it. When Do not know, I’ve found take advantage of the you cansay is “I don’t know, let me find out and I’ll get back to you.”And

that’s just what happened the other day. A whole person came to me and said “I were client who saw differentGoogle results than I did, and I didn’t know what to tell them.”So let me give you the answer I gave him.Google, as with the other engines, is made up of literally tens of a large number servers. Each server is partof a larger cluster of computers. Each cluster forms part of a datacenter. slim couture review acts as anindependent branch of Google.These datacenters exist all over the Our website. For the longest time Google only had about data centers thatserved all the results to the world.

Now the number is estimated at around . While some of these data centers are used for pretesting results

for example, testing a new algorithm outbefore moving it to the main data centers

is a superb used just to using the load that Google receives everyday.These data centers are dispersed throughout united states in geographically specific areas. They have done this sothat queries are served to the data center nearest to the rider.For example, while there are a large number of strategy centers on the eastern coast, a person searching from SanFrancisco will be served their search is a result of a data center near them, such as an Oregon orCalifornia data location.


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